Why I Got Into Network Marketing

This is my story chronicling the ups and downs of building a successful network marketing business online. The training that I mentioned in the video is attraction marketing formula. If you are interested in building your network marketing business online then I highly recommend you invest in this training.

It will open your eyes up to a whole new world of possibilities and insights. It has for me and I am excited to be equipped with this new found knowledge as I grow my business.

Here’s to our mutual success,

Shantell Smith

7 Ways To Ethically Persuade Prospects To Join Your MLM

7 ways to ethically persuade people to join your mlmEveryone is a salesperson, even you. Don’t believe me?

Think about a time when you persuaded a family member or a friend to purchase something that changed your life for the better.

We are all gifted with this innate ability of persuasion.

However, when it comes to recruiting people into our MLM opportunities our techniques of persuasion (for some reason) go right out of the window.

Persuasion is the product of hardwired psychological triggers.

We all have psychological triggers.

Consider this:

When you are at a club and the music is playing at a fast tempo, you stay on the dance floor. But as soon as the DJ slows the music down, that signals your brain to go to the bar and buy a drink.

This is something club owners know and practice to increase their drink sales. Because club owners know that alcohol sales are what keeps the bills paid and money in the bank.

You may not have realized it but the speed of the music acts as a psychological trigger for you to either dance or buy a drink.

This principle can be applied to your MLM business as it pertains to customer and business partner acquisition.

The key is finding the psychological trigger of your potential prospect or customer.

And today I am going to give you 7 effective ways to do just that.

We as humans often need a firm nudge to act in our own best interest (think diet and exercise).

This means overcoming the objections that are holding them back from realizing their dreams of financial independence and freedom.

The principles that I will be sharing with you today are actually based on science.

Dr. Robert Cialdini of Arizona State University conducted clinical research to come up with these principles. He wrote about his findings in his bestselling book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (which is a must read for all marketers myself included).

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Let’s get started…


One day while at my cousin’s house, I was eating some Bojangles chicken and coleslaw. I absolutely love their coleslaw. And I shared with my cousin that I was surprised that Bojangles has such good coleslaw and that my children love it as well.

This led my cousin to share with me that her friend was looking for some place to purchase good coleslaw because KFC or some restaurant like that had stopped serving coleslaw.

She called her friend right there in front of me and told her that I raved about how good Bojangles coleslaw is and that she should give it a try.

This my friend is how the law of connection works.

The principle is people automatically buy from people they know like and trust. (Hint: You will notice this to be a common theme so write it down so that you will remember it)

You can invoke the law of connection in your business by crafting relatable stories and simply opening up.

What I mean is be vulnerable with your audience. Share yourself and let people know and see the real you – that way people feel a sense of connection with you, even if they have never met you in person.

Doing a video is a great way to establish connections with your prospects.


Desire is a compelling emotion that puts people on a path to more pleasure and less pain.

This natural compulsion can be used to persuade people.

But be warned it is both simple and difficult to influence people with desire.

Therefore you have to practice forgetting about what you want and focus instead on what others want. (A lesson I am practicing myself even in my personal life)

It doesn’t matter what you think your prospects should desire only the market can decide that.


This law is so beneficial if done correctly and ethically.

Social proof works by proving your product or organization are legitimate by using the power of social proof.

Imagine what this law can do for you if done correctly with your prospects.


Don’t you hate when people friend request you, you accept, and the first thing they do is pitch their business opportunity to you? I hate it too. Yet people continue doing it. Now I just either ignore them, unfriend them, or send them a blog post on how to use social media to prospect. 

A better approach is to give people value so they want to come and buy from YOU!

The idea is to lead with value, not a sales pitch.

Attraction Marketing Formula teaches this principle and how to apply it correctly in order to grow your business.

The premise is to freely give away lots of valuable content, in the form of blog posts, FB live training, webinars etc.

Once people have consumed enough of your value they will begin to trust you (remember I said earlier in the post people buy from people they know, like, and trust).


You want to become someone that when you speak to a prospect they will take immediate action.

Have you ever heard of the “yes ladder” method?

To be honest before this training I hadn’t either.

Go here to get more training like this to help grow your business.

Basically, it’s a method in which you ask questions that people will naturally respond yes to.

Here’s how it works.

After a while, people get comfortable with agreeing with you.

Here are some examples:

  1. That fair, isn’t it?
  2. Sounds good, right?
  3. Nice day, uh?
  4. Isn’t that great?
  5. Don’t you agree?

What you ask doesn’t matter.

What matters is they agree with you.

This is one example of the power of consistency.

Once they are comfortable with saying yes to you the sale becomes easier.


I remember first hearing this word in Lauryn Hill’s song ex-factor. (One of my favorite albums by the way Miseducation of Lauryn Hill)

Anyway here’s an excerpt of that song:

It could all be so simple but you’d rather make it hard loving you is like a battle and we both end up with scars tell me who I have to be to get some reciprocity no one loves you more than me and no one ever will

Generally, human nature dictates that when people do something nice for you, in turn, you want to do something nice for them.

That’s the principle of reciprocity.

When you give something away for free people want to pay you back.

Think about how charities operate. That’s why they send you free gifts in the mail, hoping that you will reciprocate with a donation.

Your value is your free gift, so don’t be afraid to pay it forward.


I’ve seen this principle work time and time again even in my own buying habits.

This principle is about people wanting what they can’t have.

They want the exclusive, forbidden, and limited.

A great way to add scarcity is with one-time offers or expiring offers.

People hate to miss out.

Just think about how people will wait in line for hours for a new pair of sneakers or the new iPhone.

Let’s recap all the principles we went over today.
  1. Connection
  2. Desire
  3. Social Proof
  4. Value
  5. Consistency
  6. Reciprocity
  7. Scarcity

But before you can apply all these principles you must first capture your prospects attention.

These rapport building strategies require you to have an audience to use them on.

In order to accomplish this, you need a way to stand out in the crowd and grab your prospect’s attention before they move on to the next shiny object.

And you can do that by writing killer, attention catching headlines.

So to help you out…

I’m going to give you a free report on headline formulas which include 17 unique fill in the blank templates and 25 power words and phrases to use in your copy.

This means actual word for word swipes for every single headline formula.

Grab it right here.

Even if you’ve never written a headline in your life, using this free tool will help you easily and quickly create compelling ads, email subject lines, video,blog post titles and so much more.


How I Got 5 New Customers For My MLM In One Day And How You Can Too

Network marketing is a hard business to grow. When you first start out your sponsor tells you the only way to make money in the business is to recruit, recruit, recruit. But I beg to differ. And my results are living proof that there is another way.

I stumbled upon a system quite by accident. A system that is not new but has been perfected by network marketing leader Lisa Grossman.

Her method not only helps you to make money in your MLM business within the first 30 days but also helps you to retain 90% of the team you are building along the way.

The best part is you are not really doing any recruiting.

Now I know you may be saying well, how am I going to retain a team if I am not building a team. The beauty of her system will amaze and astound you and I am going to share it with you today.

But first let me say, when I joined my first MLM business many moons ago, I wish someone would have taught me this method. I think if they had I would have stayed with it and been a multi-millionaire by now.

Nevertheless, I know it now and now I am on my way to becoming a multi-millionaire and I hope after learning this method you will be too.

I mentioned earlier that the system I used to get five customers in one day I modeled after Lisa Grossman. You may be asking yourself, who she is.

I can tell you that she has built a seven figure MLM business by only sponsoring 17 people.

That’s unbelievable right?

That goes against everything you have ever been taught, I know. But after using her system, I completely understand how she has become so successful. And once you implement your own version of her system you will too.

To understand how to be successful in your MLM business you need to understand how you make money.

You Make Money In Your MLM By Sales Volume Not By The Number Of People You Recruit

You don’t make money by the number of people you recruit.

You make money by your sales volume.

And that my friends is the key to your success.



You can watch the video training
or keep reading the post below…

The Formula That Helped Me Get
Five New Customers In A Day

1. Making Sales

The best way to quickly make money in your MLM business is to acquire new customers. And you can do this by making a list of friends and family. Not to recruit but to make them a customer.

Here is sample verbiage you can use to ask friends and family to become customers.

Hey friend. I started a new business. I became an independent contractor/affiliate/business owner for XYZ company and XYZ product. Would you be willing to purchase XYZ product and give me an honest review.

This verbiage or a variation of it will help you get customers. I used this and everyone I asked said sure.

Hence new customers.

2. Turn Customers Into Reps

Once you do step 1 enough times, at some point some of your customers will want to become reps.

The beauty of this process is that you won’t be recruiting anyone, they will be recruiting themselves.

This is how you get your first reps and begin growing your sales team.

The key is to lead with an attractive product and then follow up with your opportunity but only if you get interest.

Do Not Push Your Opportunity On People Or Bring It Up.

Your first focus should be on acquiring new and happy customers.

If they love the product, they will start telling their friends and family about their amazing results. Practically becoming a brand ambassador for you.

This is the beginning of creating a team and retaining 90% of your new business partners.

Now…to duplicate this process

3. Duplicate

Now that you know the formula, use it, master it, and pay it forward.

When you have new reps come in, show them the formula so they too can begin making money immediately. In the world of instant gratification your reps need to see instant proof that their MLM business can make them money.

Once you show them the way, they will become loyal to you, and their reps will become loyal to them.

4. Scale

Eventually you will run out of friends and family.

At this point you will need to start doing cold market prospecting.

You should have put the money you made from your product sales aside.

Take this money and use it to begin your advertising efforts in order to scale your business by generating customers and distributors online.

This will provide your business with ongoing lead flow.

Strong social media presence can help you generate an email list of prospects interested in your opportunity.

Everything you need to know on how to generate leads online is contained within the Attraction Marketing Formula Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

There are two ways to generate leads from people you’ve never met:

One – you can either do cold market prospecting by going out and pitching random folks.

Two – calmly use the Internet from the comfort of your own home, behind your computer to generate leads for your business.

That’s what the Internet will allow you to do.


So if you’d like to learn the online business building strategies that can help you generate 20-50 red hot prospects per day, 10-20 new customers per day then grab this 100% FREE 10 Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

Even if you decide not to take advantage of this FREE training, I hope you at least apply steps 1-3 that I have shared with you today.

P.S. Find out how to create products your customers love and need.